My summer vacation through Scandinavia with my Host Family.


After returning home to the Netherlands from Eurotour, I began my summer vacation. I was so insanely lucky to be going on a trip through Scandinavia with my host family for the holidays.
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The Venice of the North

A day trip to the north of the Netherlands to the village of Giethoorn, the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’.

On the weekend of the 10th of March the Netherlands Rotary Youth Exchange Multidistrict Committee arranged a gathering for all of the Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students to meet in Giethoorn, a small village in the north of the Netherlands famed for its absence of roads, with the only way to get around being canals or footpaths.
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A recap of the Dutch Orientation Course, which I attended with the other newly arrived Inbounders.

Several weeks ago, from the 27 February to the 2 March, the Netherlands Rotary Youth Exchange Multidistrict Committee brought all of the newly arrived Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students together to the city of Eindhoven for our Dutch Orientation Course. We arrived on Tuesday night and spent three days studying the Dutch language and hanging out together.

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