A recap of the Dutch Orientation Course, which I attended with the other newly arrived Inbounders.

Several weeks ago, from the 27 February to the 2 March, the Netherlands Rotary Youth Exchange Multidistrict Committee brought all of the newly arrived Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students together to the city of Eindhoven for our Dutch Orientation Course. We arrived on Tuesday night and spent three days studying the Dutch language and hanging out together.

There are only seven Rotary Youth Exchange students who arrived, along with me, in January this year. All the other Inbounders – with the majority being from the northern hemisphere – arrived in August 2017, coinciding with their school year in their home countries.

I was hosted by a family along with two other inbound students, where we stayed after attending the Orientation Course lessons at a school.

In the afternoons and evenings, we explored the city and went ice skating.

On Thursday night we attended a local Rotary Club’s weekly meeting, where we introduced ourselves to the Club members and spoke about the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

On Friday afternoon, at the end of the course, we all participated in an Escape Room solving puzzles and riddles with clues and hints to find a way out of the room.


The course was a great opportunity to learn more Dutch, and it was amazing fun spending time with and getting to know the other newly arrived inbounders.

– Campbell

Author: Campbell Winnett

I’m currently living in the Netherlands for 12 months as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. I’m sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tuggeranong in Canberra, Australia, and I’m hosted by the Rotary Club of Zaltbommel in the Netherlands.

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