A snapshot of my vakantie (holiday) week after the conclusion of Carnarval in the south of the Netherlands.

Following the celebration of Carnarval, the south of the Netherlands has a week’s holiday, something which I was looking forward to more than Carnarval itself.

I became sick after Carnaval, but I still had a really great week, spending time with friends and seeing more of the country.

On Tuesday I visited Amsterdam for the first time. I explored the area surrounding the city centre with a school friend; we checked out a record shop, visited a thrift market and I was completely amazed by the city. The atmosphere of the whole place is hard to describe, and I don’t think I can do it justice. It feels unique amongst cities here; rather than the charm of Den Bosch, Amsterdam posses something of an eccentric, intoxicating atmosphere, one which lures you into its busy and tight streets. I’d describe the city as a benevolent hurricane, a messy, yet beautiful place with plenty to discover and one I can’t wait to spend more time in.




On Wednesday I was back in Den Bosch, hanging out with two other Rotary Youth Exchange students. We went to the Noord Brabants museum, wandered the city and of course ate some Bosch Bollen. Spending time with other exchange students is pretty unique, and there’s always plenty of shared experiences and things to talk about.

On Thursday a member of my Host Rotary Club took me to a museum which specialised in Bells and Carillons. It was pretty interesting to see, with a large collection of percussion instruments from around the world, and lots of information on the large bell towers present in many of the towns here. Unfortunately, by that point I was pretty sick and didn’t take in as much as I would’ve liked.

I had other plans but had to spend Friday and the weekend recovering before school started again. I’m feeling better now though, and I’m about to head off for an Orientation course in Eindhoven with the other inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students who arrived along with me in January.

– Campbell

Author: Campbell Winnett

I’m currently living in the Netherlands for 12 months as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. I’m sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tuggeranong in Canberra, Australia, and I’m hosted by the Rotary Club of Zaltbommel in the Netherlands.

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    1. Hi Campbell,
      Sad to hear you have been sick but happy you are enjoying your holiday time. Amsterdam is certainly a unique city compared to many cities around the world.

      Arnie and Gee

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